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Indonesian Movies

7 Aug

I forgot to add: I’ve ordered some Indonesian movies on Netflix, and there are a few titles I really want to watch that I can’t find there.  I’m actually impressed at the plethora of foreign films that Netflix has (someone who knows more about them might disagree). I really want to watch Laskar Pelangi (the song I posted in my previous post was about this movie), which was apparently based on a novel by Andrea Hirata called “Rainbow Warriors”.  It’s about a group of students at a poor Islamic primary school and how they change over five years (it went to the Berlin Film Festival!)

Here’s a description of the two I’ve ordered: Eliana, Eliana is about a girl (Eliana) who loses her job in Jakarta and is torn between her mother’s wishes for her to return to her home in the country or make another start in the city. Eliana and her mother spend time looking for Eliana’s missing friend and Jakarta and become closer as a result. This really speaks to the divide between generations and of urban versus rural living – many people come to Jakarta looking for jobs, and as a result the city grows larger and cannot accommodate its people with its limited resources. Still another movie, “Of Love and Eggs” is about children from different families experiencing mishaps that speak to their cultural differences and the different families they come from.

The one I’m most excited about, “Opera Jawa” (by film-maker Garin Nugroho, who is apparently a huge deal in Indonesian film) combines Javanese song, wayang puppetry, sacred court dance, gamelan music, and Mozart in an adaptation of the Ramayana (apparently very popular in Indonesia).  It’s also on Netflix online! The modern Rama and Sita are former dancers who have become pottery makers, and who become involved with a wealthy local who threatens to come between their marriage! Also, if you know nothing about the Ramayana, look it up – it’s one of the most beautiful love stories ever told 🙂 I hope these movies can teach me something about Indonesian culture, as well as help be with learning Bahasa Indonesia!